Many people become interested in seeking out Trazodone alternatives because this medication is ineffective or causes side effects. However, when switching to an alternative to Trazodone, withdrawal symptoms can occur from discontinuing the drug.

We are familiar with far better alternative solutions than a lifetime spent taking antidepressant prescription drugs.

Traditional doctors may prescribe conventional antidepressant alternatives which include the following types of medications: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Stimulants such as Ritalin (methylphenidate) are also sometimes prescribed for depression when anti-depression drugs don’t work. Trazodone hydrochloride, the generic name for Desyrel®, is most commonly prescribed for the treatment of depression. It might be effective for some individuals but is either ineffective or intolerable for many others. Luckily, there are several types of Trazodone natural alternatives available for the treatment of depression. Psychotherapy is potentially a very effective alternative and worth trying for anyone seeking a Trazodone alternative depression treatment. As far as the several antidepressant medications that may be recommended as alternatives, they have just as high a risk of being ineffective and causing adverse or unwanted side effects. Some doctors who are not aware of better alternatives may even suggest electroconvulsive therapy. There are safer alternatives that do not carry the risks of such invasive treatments.

Counseling & Psychotherapy Are Effective Therapies

Thankfully, there are many different forms of counseling or psychotherapy such as exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, life coaching, talk-therapy, and many others. Many forms of psychotherapy can help individuals with depression. For example, talk-therapy is one of the common Trazodone alternatives that can help depressed patients understand their depression and learn how to resolve problems simply through verbal exchange and expressing feelings and emotions in a meaningful way with their talk therapist. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help patients to become more aware of negative thought or behavior patterns. This allows patients to learn how they can replace any negative thinking patterns with positive and healthy thoughts and behaviors. Therefore, patients can obtain more satisfaction from their own actions and thoughts. Many persons have found that talking out your feelings and participating in similar therapies for Trazodone alternatives help immensely.

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Get Help With Trazodone Discontinuation

If you are taking this drug and wish to stop taking it and decide to use an alternative to Trazodone, it is advised to consult with a doctor first as discontinuation may cause Trazodone withdrawal symptoms. It is important to have medical assistance when creating an alternatives help-based plan. Additionally, doctors who prescribed this medication in the first place may be likely to recommend other medications when patients seek alternatives. If you are seeking Trazodone alternative medicine because of the side effects and other problems related to antidepressant drugs altogether, you may consider a consultation with a natural rehab or cessation center. Also consider a holistic, alternative, natural, or integrative doctor. These types of healthcare providers carry the same medical licenses as traditional doctors who often prescribe antidepressant drugs, but alternative doctors choose to use their medical knowledge in different ways.1

Trazodone Alternatives With A Focus On Healing

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Some of the alternative therapies which an alternative doctor may recommend for alternative treatments for depression include acupuncture, vitamins and supplements, physical therapy, nutritional therapy, dietary changes, and many healing complementary therapies such as massage or therapies that can be practiced in your own home like meditation and yoga. When using Trazodone alternatives for insomnia treatment or alternatives for depression, several therapies may need to be in place in order for the alternative to be completely effective. Individuals seeking depression alternatives are advised to consult with a doctor and/or talk therapist of their choice who can help them to create a successful alternative treatment plan. When people have been prescribed antidepressant medications, it is usually before there has been any investigating to identify what is actually causing and contributing to their depression.2

A serotonin deficiency is typically what is blamed for the cause of depression. But was it only an off-balance in serotonin and there are no other reasons why? What if the person has also suffered low thyroid? What if they have an accumulation of neurotoxins from the environment such as toxic heavy metals that greatly damage energy metabolism? Internal inflammation and swelling which occur from food allergies slows down metabolism. This can also be a contributing or causal factor of depression. If the person has a diet that is poor in essential nutrients, then their CNS and brain may not be able to create what’s needed for healthy functioning. We may forget that our mind suffers from the very same assaults of a poor diet that our body suffers from. Or maybe the person is just responding to an environment that is unfulfilling, and they need a more supportive surrounding to make healthy decisions.

We Offer An Effective Multifaceted Approach To Regain Your Life

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We at Alternative to Meds Center are committed to discovering the medical reasons why a person is struggling with depression, anxiety, or an inability to sleep. Our program includes lab tests, supporting the neurochemistry through natural substances, environmentally accumulated neurotoxin removal, medication withdrawal methods, targeted nutrition therapy, amino treatment, massage therapy, yoga, peer support, personal training, exercise, and many holistic therapies that can be used to successfully for alternatives to medication to overcome depression. We invite your call, so you can talk to us and receive a comprehensive understanding of how a variety of Trazodone alternatives help many to overcome their troubling symptoms.

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